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 Each of  Your Attendees Will Receive the Following for Free


Access to a private website for all attendees to access at any time after your presentation. It will contain all the PowerPoint slides, videos, handouts and books used during Bill Todd's presentation. Please note you may use this site to post any information you wish from your event. This site will stay up for two years.


• Each person will have the ability to call, text or email Bill Todd with follow-up questions for two full years after the presentation.


• Bill Todd will deliver a 30-minute follow-up seminar via webcast or teleconference. He will reinforce the key points covered during your original presentation.This presentation can be held at any time within the first year after your event. Your follow-up seminar will be recorded and delivered to you for unlimited future access.


• Everyone will receive copy of Bill Todd's e-book, Speaking of Success. Your attendees will have the ability to provide their co-workers or clients with an unlimited number of free copies.


• Every attendee gets a copy of  Bill's e-book, How to Write Emails That Sell.  Each person will have the ability to share an unlimited number of free copies with their co-workers and clients.


• Everyone gets a copy of the  e-book, Increase Sales Now. They can  also share an unlimited number of copies. 

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