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Bill Todd not only guarantees your satisfaction

he commits to you in writing exactly what he will deliver 

before-during & after your presentation


Before I Speak to your Group I Will...

  • Be available 24/7 to discuss the plans for my presentation.

  • Be the easiest, most cooperatie speaker you have ever hired.

  • Learn and understand as much as I can about your team, your opportunities, your plans and your current challenges. 

  • Know the sales and marketing central theme of your meeting and relate my presentation to it.

  • Reinforce any key initiatives or ideas that you want highlighted

  • Notify you in advance of my travel itinerary.

  • Speak in advance with select employees to align my message for/with them.


On Site, I Will

  • Notify you immediately should any serious travel delay occur.

  • Be accessible to you from the time I arrive until I leave.

  • Be reasonable and economical with any food and taxi charges and/or minor incidental expenses.

  • Be in the meeting room for a sound check, one hour before the event begins.

  • Coordinate with the set-up crew well before my presentation commences

  • Stay out of your way until it is my turn to speak.

  • Provide an easy, brief introduction and be available to coach the person introducing me.

  • Be in the room and accessible to you no less then 1 hour before my presentation begins.



During My Presentation, I Will

  • Open your training with energy and purpose.

  • Never use off-color language or material.

  • Stick to my time frame and adjust if required.

  • Interact with the audience and involve them through questions, a show of hands, eye contact and exercises as appropriate.

  • Present well-researched, and profound information.

  • Use stories and humor liberally.

  • Use appropriate slides and audio or video clips to enhance the look, feel and impact of your presentation.

  • React positively and flexibly to any problems that arise. This includes: audio visuals, lights, sounds, emergencies, etc.

  • Never be discourteous to your team or an audience member.

  • Allow for questions and comments from the audience during my presentation.

  • Summarize the main points and teach ways to remember them.

  • Relate my key points to your organization and people.


After My Presentation, I Will

  • Stay around to answer questions and listen to comments.

  • Depart with no effort required by you.

  • Itemize my expenses and bill you promptly after the presentation.

  • Provide receipts as needed.

  • Create and host a customized web page for your attendees to access at any time after the training.  It will contain all handouts and/or slides used during my presentation. Attendees will also have the ability to email follow-up questions for two years after the event. You and your team are free to use this web page to post any information or handouts or list any follow-up information. 

  • Deliver a free follow-up seminar via web cast or tele-conference exclusively for your attendees I will review and reinforce the key points covered during his speech. This can be held at any time within the first year after your session.

  • Never disclose any sensitive information about your organization.


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