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Bill Todd's Current and Past Clients

About Bill Todd


Bill Todd is a high energy, entertaining speaker, best-selling author and sales coach. He was recently named one of the world's top 35 sales experts.


Bill focuses on motivating your attendees to drive sales, increase net profits and quickly shift market share.  As your speaker, his first order of business is to listen to you, and fully understand your unique business needs.  Simply put, his primary objective is to ensure that your event is memorable, interactive and delivers an immediate impact directly to your organization's bottom line!



Sample Presentation
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Today's Most Successful Companies are Combining Traditional Sales with Virtual Selling. Learn How 2022's Most Successful Sales Professionals are Outsmarting and Out Selling their 
How 2022's Most Successful Sales Professionals Will Overcome Objections  and Close More Business During the Long Pandemic Recovery.  
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How to Out-Sell,
Out-Market and
Out-Promote... but Never Out-Discount the Competition!
Take Direct Aim on Your Competitors' Most Profitable Clients and Romance Them Right Into Your Lobby.
SocMedia for VS.jfif
Sales Prospecting on Steroids!
How to Leverage Social Media to Pinpoint 
Highly Qualified  Prospects During the
Recovery from the  Pandemic.
Your Ironclad
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You will receive a written, 34 item, satisfaction guarantee 
when you book Bill Todd as your speaker.

Click on the seal below to read exactly
what is guaranteed before, during and after your presentation.

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